I’m doing this to keep myself busy, to keep myself connected to the outside world. Every week I’ll be playing music and talking to the world in an effort to cast an uplifting sound to the universe.

If you would care to listen I will be on the air live from historic Strathmore every Saturday from 8-10PM EST until this is over.

During the week you might find me doing a short test broadcast as well.

How to listen:

Download the Mixlr app in your app store and search for jjtierney

You can listen from your browser right here with the widget below.

You can go to https://mixlr.com/jjtierney/ you can log in there and even use the chat feature.

Oh… if you think you’re being rick rolled, that’s just me getting ready to go on. It’s my test signal. It means I’m close to starting the broadcast.

jjtierney is on Mixlr