Every music obsessive thinks they should be a DJ. I’m no different and I’m just arrogant enough to impose my all over the place musical taste on an unsuspecting world. Every week I’ll be playing music and talking to the world in an effort to cast an uplifting sound to the universe. Genre be damned.

If you would care to listen I will be on the air live from historic Strathmore every Sunday from 7-9PM EST. I’m no Dana or Carl, and I’m definitely no Dave, but if you want to hear me miss the post, miscue songs and generally tarnish the reputation of legitimate broadcast professionals you are more than welcome to come along.

During the week you might find me doing a short test broadcast as well.

How to listen:

Download the Mixlr app in your app store and search for jjtierney, blast it through your bluetooth speakers on your patio and ease yourself out of the weekend and ready for the work week uplifted and maybe just a bit annoyed.

You can listen from your browser right here with the widget below.

You can go to this page here where one can log in and even use the chat feature.

Drunken Mixtape Radio – Like Syracuse weather, don’t like what you’re hearing? Come back in 5 minutes you won’t like that either. Sundays from 7P-9P EST,

Oh… if you think you’re being rick rolled or some such nonsense if you tune in early, that’s just me getting ready to go on. It’s my test signal. It means I’m close to starting the broadcast.

jjtierney is on Mixlr