“I make it a policy to never shake hands with a war criminal.”  – Barry Crimmins on why he wouldn’t shake Henry Kissinger’s hand.

“If Adolf Hitler few in today, they’d send a limousine anyway”  – The Clash

Back in the good old days of our democracy, I was lucky enough to be at a fundraising event for the Senatorial campaign for Hillary Clinton. This event was at a country club in Syracuse that shall we say, would not have in it’s membership a large number of Democrats.  This was the country club that would make Caddyshack’s famed Bushwood C.C. look multicultural in comparison.

Also attending this event was the sitting President of the United States and husband of the candidate, Bill Clinton.  Like I said, I suspect the number of members of this country club who had voted for Clinton would certainly be in the single digits, if that.  In those days the khakis and polo shirt crowd had yet to pick up their tiki torches, it would take the first black president to do that, but still, these folks sure weren’t voting for Clinton.

There was a gentleman there, a club member let’s call him Peter, who was pretty darn irritated that his prestigious club was inconvenienced by the very presence of this president that he would never in a million years have voted for.  He stood against the wall in the large room where the president was holding court, arms across his chest, scowling, when a fellow club member came up to him

“Pete aren’t you going to go meet the president?”

“No, I’m not going to go shake that guys hand, I didn’t vote for him, I don’t like him, I’m not going to go gladhand with the fuckin guy.”

“Come on, how many times do you get to meet a president? Go over because you respect the office, because he’s our president whether or not you agree with his policies.”

Pete ended up going over there to meet the president and after shaking his hand at some point Clinton had his arm around Pete’s shoulder and they were laughing together.

“Whatever he was selling, I was buying.” Pete later told us.

Pete knew, that no matter what the politics were, that we were governed by good people, patriots of good intention who respected the office, that respected the institutions of our country and didn’t have evil intent. People that knew the awesome responsibility of the office they held.

No matter what the politics, we got behind our leaders, especially our president.

I remember  that dark day of September 11, 2001 when George W Bush, a man I agreed with on almost nothing stood atop a pile of rubble that was the World Trade Center with his arm around an exhausted firefighter and through a bullhorn said “I hear you and the people who took these buildings down will hear from all of us soon.”

For me, a liberal to the core, to be fist pumping the rallying cry of a conservative president shows that even I can put ideology aside and rally behind our leaders.   At their core, they were good people with good values.

Seems so long ago.

And here we are, Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant, Kirstjen Nielsen and Steven Miller were heckled by protester as they were dining, in an amazing bit of tone deafness, in Mexican restaurants.

Maxine Waters says we should continue to call these people out when they dine, when they shop, when they are at the gas station.  We shouldn’t give them a moments peace in public.

You know what?  She’s right.

These are different times.   What the Trump administration does is not normal.

This is not my taking the other political side.  This has nothing to do with politics, with right and left.

This has to do with values, with basic human decency.

This has to do with confronting evil, which is what the Trump administration is.

Maybe if the Trump administration hadn’t decided to rip babies from their mother’s arms and lock them in cages as ransom to pay for an insane border wall, Sarah would have had a nice meal last weekend.  Maybe.  But I hope not.

But this event may just be the thing that exposes these Trumpistas as the  bad people they truly are.

The fact is, they are not good people.  They are bad people who do bad things.  They are enablers of child molesters, Nazis, wife beaters.  Not a single thing that comes out of any of their mouths can be believed.  They are constant liars.

They are avowed racists.

These are facts, it is not up for debate.  They are bad people and should be made to feel like the pariahs that they are.

They are not patriots.  They are hurting this country.  They are bottom feeders and grifters and history will not receive them well

I’m sorry, but I have a hard time trying to feel bad for a woman who defends a guy who started his political career with a racist lie followed by more racist lies, followed by “grab her by the pussy”

I have no sympathy for a woman who would lie all day long in defense of this guy and then plea for civility.


I have no sympathy for someone who works to take health care away from poor people.

I have no sympathy for people who make fun of kids with Down’s Syndrome.

I have no sympathy for racists.

Public shaming is a useful thing and I wouldn’t eat in an establishment where these cretins are welcome.

I believe in seeking compromise in government, I believe in reaching out to the other side, but I have no desire, nor intention to work with bad people with evil intent.

I want to defeat them.  I will resist them and if I see one of them in pubic, I will peacefully call them out on what I think of them.

They do not deserve civility.  They deserve scorn.  They are not Republicans.  They are not patriots in any way shape or form.

They are dregs of humanity, but I will make a deal with them, when every single one of those 2500 little kids are returned to their parents we can talk again.

Until then Sarah Sanders can go to hell.



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