Right before the shut down, right before we all had to pause, I was lucky enough to be able to sit down and have a cup of coffee with Jeffrey York, the mastermind behind Major Player.

I chose that word “mastermind” deliberately. Jeff York is a extraordinarily thoughtful and hard working guy.  It’s hard to promote ones music and have every element of that promotional campaign be something that not only catches your attention, but also has a well thought out goal in mind.  Jeff has that covered.  Every graphic pops, every element has a reason behind it.

Jeff, like me, is interested in bringing new ears to the party with every event.  That’s how you grow a scene and through that, grow his own following.  And he deserves that following.  Major Player’s music is a groovy blend of soul and pop grooves with a decidedly trip hop vibe that is unlike anything else in town.  His single “Game Time” is, for me, the quintessential summer song with the coolest bridge.   You really should give it a listen so check out this video. (yay Pete’s Polar Parlor)

I do believe we will have those summers again.

Jeff has a new album, Upset City,  almost ready to go and had a much anticipated show last month at Wunderbar all ready to go when the pandemic forced it to be postponed.

The best laid plans of mice and men ….right?

I was honored to be invited to appear on his Upset City podcast , we sat down on a Sunday morning in March where we had a thoughtful conversation about the town we live in, the Syracuse music scene now and when I first got into it, we tried to unpack why Syracuse is such fertile ground for creativity.   

You can check that out right here on Apple Podcasts.

Also on Spotify right here.

And check out every one of his other episodes.  Thought provoking, and never boring. It really is like having a cup of coffee with the guy.

Jeff is a good guy making great music who works like a dog doing it and Major Player is one of my favorite bands in this town or any other.

Can’t wait to hear his new album

I miss going out to see live music but mostly I miss seeing all of you out there with me.

Stay safe and as things loosen up, please make smart choices.

We will get through this.


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