I am just arrogant enough to think someone would want to read my opinions on stuff, or thoughts on things I’ve done or seen or read or listened to.

What this is not, is a mindfulness blog,  or a movie blog,   or a music blog,  or a political blog, or a book blog, or a parenting blog.

Ok, maybe its all those things.  We shall see.

Forgive me for editing sometimes AFTER I put an essay up.  I’m a tinkerer.

Maybe you will like what I put here.  Maybe you won’t.  At least you gave it a shot and that’s all I can ask.

What I can tell you is, I am from Syracuse NY, where I live with my family.  Wait til I tell you about my neighborhood.  You will want to move here.  No kidding.   I went to Syracuse University.  I am on my, I think, third career. I have seen a gazillion concerts.   Maybe most importantly I am a proud citizen of Red Sox Nation.