Brett Kavanaugh  is a liar, he is a special kind of liar.

I don’t mean that he’s an entitled liar, although he is.

I don’t mean he’s an alpha Irish male blowhard liar(Think Bill O’Reilly, or Sean Penn), although he is.

Brett Kavanaugh is an alcoholic liar, and that may be the worst kind of liar, because an alcoholic liar will lie as his default setting.  He will lie, even to himself, so much, that even HE has convinced himself that his lies are true.

Trust me, I know.  I know from experience because I used to be one.

Let me be very clear, while we are being honest and everything.  Over twenty years ago, I gave up on alcohol.  I was lucky.  It was easy for me.  I gave up on it and never looked back.  That said, I am also lucky in that unlike some people inflicted with the disease of alcoholism I am entirely comfortable in places where alcohol is consumed, I am comfortable with you having one, and with my buying you one. I am an expert in my own story only, but sadly, I recognize some patterns in Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior last week, that unfortunately ring true to my experience as well.

At Kavanaugh’s first round of questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he was, as expected, evasive on some issues, citing the idea that he can’t comment on matters that may come before the court.  I get that.  They all do that.  But he also perjured himself on several occasions during that testimony:

  • In 2004, Kavanaugh said he was not involved in the handling of the controversial nomination of federal Judge William Pryor. That was a lie. E-mails later showed that he was involved.
  • Kavanaugh was asked if he was involved with a scheme to steal Democratic staff e-mails related to judicial confirmations. He lied about it. E-mails showed that he was involved.
  • In 2006, Kavanaugh was asked if he was involved in the controversial nomination of federal Judge Charles Pickering. He lied about that too and said he was not.
  • In 2006, Kavanaugh was asked about his role in the nomination of William Haynes, the Pentagon general counsel involved in creating the Bush administration’s interrogation policies. He lied about that.

(Boston Globe:

So we have established he is a common liar, but its still not the behavior I’m referring to. That took place last Thursday, when Kavanaugh was asked to account for his drinking and his behavior while drinking.  That’s when he got angry, he got defiant, he got insulting.  He promoted insane conspiracy theories.  He showed so much hyper-partisanship that should disqualify him from siting on a jury much less on the bench.

He also mentioned the word “beer” 30 times in the testimony.

When questioned on his drinking, he angrily asked the questioning senator about his or her drinking.

When I was questioned about my drinking, I did the same thing.


He used his ability to get into Yale as an amulet against allegations of bad behavior.

I used Syracuse University.


Hard workers, educated people are not immune from alcoholism.


He was offended that anyone challenge his drinking.

I used to do the same thing.


And he lied.  Alcoholics are liars.  I should know..

He lied about “devils triangle” and “boofed” and maybe most shamefully of all, he lied about his being “Renate Alumni”, thereby slut shaming someone who had, until now, supported him.


He lied when he said everyone who was at the party in question said it didn’t happen.

He lied when he said he had never been to a party like the one Dr. Ford described in her testimony, when later on he testified that he went to many such gatherings.

He lied when he said he hadn’t watched Dr. Ford’s testimony when witnesses reported that he did.  He wouldn’t admit that he had to confront his own disgusting behavior.

He vehemently, to the point of incoherence, defended his reputation, unless someone suggested we let the FBI get to the bottom of it.


The contrast could not be any more plain.

Challenged on his opinions and record, he was calm and measured.

Challenged on his drinking he became enraged.

It looked so familiar to me, because that’s what I used to do.


There is a laundry list of reasons why this guy is not acceptable for a seat on ANY court.


I believe every word of Dr. Ford’s testimony.

Brett Kavanaugh is an alcoholic.

And Brett Kavanaugh is a fucking liar.

It takes one to know one.

Because I was once a fucking liar too.



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